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Why we love Halloween

Justina S Cuch i Love HALLOWEEN its the best time of the Year also my Daughter was born a Day before Halloween its her favorite also! Her & Her Brother get to dress up they love to decorate & get all dress up!
September 6 at 3:36am

Veronica Tsinajinnie I love Halloween because it is just so fun to pretend to be something else or someone else for a while.
September 4 at 4:42am

Flimsy Excuse I love Halloween because I get to see people driving in their cars in gorilla costumes. It makes me laugh. I love the fall, pumpkins and ghost stories. What's their NOT to ??
September 3 at 12:12am

Julia Guthrie Whats not to love. You get to dress up and you get candy
September 2 at 8:59pm

Brandy Hardin I love to play dress up just as much as my kids do.
September 2 at 8:00pm

Cathy Craft I Love Halloween so much I feel married to the whole month! Not only is it my dad's Birthday, I treat it it’s mine! I deck out my house inside and out, I even decorate my car! I love all the parties & haunted attractions!!! I dress in costume at least three times every Halloween!!! Happy Haunting
September 2 at 12:04pm

Joseph DeCarlo I love Halloween for the fun family and friend spirit it brings to the community. You get to visit with your neighbors in a special way no other day of the year. Also, you get to play a character and bring out your creativity. I have many fond memories with my family, friends, and neighbors from Halloween. It also has marked the beginning of the holiday season for me. Fall is a fun time of year and Halloween adds to it.
September 2 at 4:13am

Amy Williams My Daughter throws a Halloween party Every year. I Love dressing up with my Grandchildren. I am 60 years old. Reminds me when I was younger. Now i can enjoy Halloween with my Grandchildren.
September 2 at 3:36am

Ellen Hill I love Halloween because I the "fun" scares and dressing up and surprising friends and having a blast! Time to be just a little evil!! LOL
September 1 at 9:55pm

Samuel S. Chan I L~<3~V~E Halloween b/c I get to fantasize in a make~believe world where I'm one of the characters and I'm able to impersonate the character ~ I also L~<3~V~E horror movies and Halloween is all about that!!!!!
August 31 at 1:33pm

Shaine Klish Halloween is my favorite holiday. We decorate more for Halloween than we do for Christmas. We make our yard into a haunted house and we have kids that have grown up coming to our house now bring their children. I love seeing everyones costumes and I wear 3 or more costumes during the season. It's just a fun time all around!
August 31 at 9:01am

Melissa Hageman I love Halloween because I love fall and candy. I love all of the colors and I love decorating our house!
August 31 at 7:05am

Alice Orozco Me and my son love Halloween!!! He loves all the great decorations we can hang and gadgets that so
August 30 at 9:28pm

Gloria Willis winning is good
August 30 at 8:53pm

Brandon Ward I love Halloween, because children & adults a use imagination, creativity, tradition, popular media, etc to drop what the world knows of them & dress in costume to celebrate one of America's favorite holidays.
August 30 at 8:46pm

Thelma Applegate Feeney Since I was a child - Halloween has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. It's the only time when you can dress up and act out and no one cares how goofy, silly, scary or corny you are. It's the one time in the year when we can totally let our "inner child" out to play, have fun, scare the pants off people, or live in a fantasy world for just a moment. I'm 56 years old and I WILL NEVER grow too old for Halloween. I revamped the Halloween Costume Contest at our office in 2001 and it has been going strong every year since. We give out cash prizes, candy bags, and free lunches to the departments (per shift) who have the most associates who dress up. It has become so popular that we may need a bigger room to judge the contest in this year. Oh yes...I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!
August 30 at 8:34pm

Lisa Konieczke I love Halloween... I get to dress up the kids and take them treating. Then after they go to bed, I get to watch all the scary movies!
August 30 at 12:48pm

Susan Price I have always been interested in costuming. Whether it be Halloween, Cosplay, Conventions, or SCA events Renassaince faires, I love an excuse to get out of the typical clothes and into something a little more - creative Halloween is a guarenteed excuse to annually bring some uniqueness to an otherwise normal day.
August 30 at 11:49am

Brandy Bryant Caulder My Birthday is in October and I love Halloween and I also love Karaoke so every year I have a Karaoke costume party. I love seeing the unique costumes everyone comes up with. This year will be my 5th annual Karaoke Costume Party and I can't wait!! Here is a pic with me and some of my friends...
August 30 at 7:44am

Laura Barnes Morrison I personally love Halloween because it is such a fun time where adults can still be kids. Thankfully, I still have so e trick or treaters in my house! I love the parties! Being a decorator by trade I have the chance to do several parties - so much fun!!!! Halloween night is fun because of these reasons and all my neighbors come out.
August 30 at 4:36am

Theresa Clinard I love dressing up my 3 daughters and myself!!! We are already planning and looking at cool costumes!!! We go ALL out....my hubby thinks I'm crazy!! But I just
love it so many great memories and fun times!!!
August 30 at 4:19am

Jj Free I get to go through my kids' candies after they go to bed!
August 30 at 2:13am

Angeline Slone Candy!!
August 30 at 1:39am

Kendra Kay Pierce Also a fun way to pat tribute to a celebrity you admire.
August 30 at 1:03am

Kendra Kay Pierce As a tribute to Robin Williams - what about Mork & Mindy costumes or Mrs. Doubtfire!
August 30 at 1:02am

Kendra Kay Pierce It's a chance to re-connect to to your silly side & tap into your creative mind.
August 30 at 1:02am

Terri Page-Freeman I'm not seeing a place to post this for the contest.
I love searching for and creating New and unique designs for one of a kind costumes.
August 30 at 12:22am

Carolina Cee I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! because its the one true day you can come out of your comfort zone! and for me I celebrate Halloween at least 2 to 3 days! so that means MORE costumes! I heart u guys!
August 29 at 11:19pm

Marlene Rivera Baumgardt I love halloween because its a day where my kids and i can have fun and be silly together. its not about presents its about FUN!
August 29 at 11:01pm

Judy Hammett Halloween is a time for our children who are in wheel chairs and have special needs to enjoy seeing others come to our door for treats. Our son dresses in a costume that goes with the book their teacher is reading them in class. He is always a big hit with the staff and the class. We would love to win the gift certificate for him.
September 4 at 5:14pm

Sarh Snarski It's the best holiday to decorate for and what child doesn't love to dress up. I love brain storming costume ideas with my children.
August 30 at 1:06pm

Lucy Mejía Riojas I love Halloween because my whole family comes to my house and i never know what wacky costumes they'll be wearing.
August 27 at 8:13am

Melissa Park-Hanneman I love Halloween because it allows you to lose societal norms and play pretend as an adult...
August 29 at 12:58am

Maria Eulalia Bello  Me wearing my awesome jester costume from costumes 4 less!
September 6 at 5:13am

Mary Stoqnova
I love adore Halloween more than my birthday because it is full of interesting new people, wearing strange costumes and funny make up shines on people'faces.Everything is as magical as in the fairy tales...! I also love being part of this fairy tale
September 3 at 5:56pm

Andrea Merchant‎  Love when Halloween Comes around! It's that one Holiday that opens an opportunity to become a kid again! Dressing up and making your Imagination a reality. It's a blast! Not sure how someone could not enjoy this special day out of the year!?
September 2 at 11:29pm

Juantia Saint Louis   Where's my coupon discount? Inbox me if you are concerned
September 2 at 6:01am

August 31 at 10:07pm

Donna Davison‎  I love Halloween because it is the one day out of the year that you can express your self anyway you and people do t look at you as if your crazy..... And wearing outrages costumes is just plane fun !!!!!
August 31 at 8:43pm

Leticia De Leon  We love dressing up! Thank you costumes for less.
August 30 at 11:53pm

Ivan Ronald Schablotski‎  Who I am is not what people see on a regular basis; that's just the display model version of me. On Halloween, I can be a bit more creative with the display; show more of my real self to the rest of the world. Sometimes I'm a hero, sometimes I'm a monster. Most of the time I'm a bit of both, and as the season arrives each year, I can make the most of not just my costume, but my decorations and even my music to be the me that isn't socially acceptable the rest of the year.
August 30 at 9:35pm

Nancy Durham   Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love decorating my house and going to haunted houses!
August 30 at 7:44am

Kasandra Greenwood‎  I love Halloween cause it's fun to dress up with my family and act a different character. Its the one day I can tell my husband to dress up I love to make all kinds of great meals n treats for my kid. Taking the family out and hearing compliments on our costumes is awesome. So that is why I love Halloween ♡:-D
August 30 at 6:15am

Ariana VanDusen‎  I love Halloween because my family and I always have a great time dressing up!
August 30 at 2:27am

Monique Toocute‎  I love Halloween because I love Fall for one....for two, I love this "holiday" because this is the ONE time of year where dressing up isn't frowned upon. You get to be who you want to be even if it's only for one night. The parties, are a lot of fun and passing out candy to the little ones before you hit those parties is so much fun. Also seeing the babies in their very first costumes is too cute. The 3rd reason why I love Halloween is because of the free candy. COME ON NOW, FREE CANDY! YOU CANT BEAT IT! That's why I love Halloween.
August 30 at 12:53am

Sparx Rosa  I love Halloween you can be whoever you want and the kids love the costumes candy and decorations. There is more fellowshipping and family time.
August 29 at 11:44pm

Jamie P‎  I love Halloween because of the excitement! You and your friends get to become anything you want to be for the day. It's a day when being normal is weird and being weird is normal.
August 29 at 11:34pm

Chelsi Johnston‎  Halloween is the best because I get to dress the princess I am inside!
August 29 at 12:12pm

Linda Miller‎  Favorite time of year to decorate outside..
August 29 at 3:51am

Carmelida Pooh-Pooh Banks‎  Halloween give me a chance to be a kids all over again..I love seeing the kids dress up in all the different costumes..I love seeing the colorful and different decorations..it brings me joy to take my kids out trick or treating.
August 29 at 12:37am

Andrea Romanczuk‎  I love Halloween because you get to be character or person you always wanted to be for the night! I also love craving pumpkins and giving treats to the kids.
August 27 at 6:33pm

Denise Morris 
I love Halloween because I can be whoever or whatever I dream to be. And the kids are so cute all seeded dressed up.
August 27 at 8:07am

Brandon Fogel  I love Halloween! It brings back great memories of carving pumpkins and trick or treating with my family. I can remember dressing up in my old school Pac Man costume, roaming the neighborhood in search of my favorite treats and enjoying the decorated homes. Today it serves as a day to get dressed up, be somebody else and have fun with friends and loved ones. I love Halloween!
August 27 at 5:59am

Kylie Anne Peach‎  Another great deal on a spectacular costume! Thankyou costumes for less!
August 27 at 2:27am

Dorrie Turner I love Halloween because it's the magical time of year that adults and children can be scary, silly or something totally unique all on the same day having fun!
August 24 at 11:23am

Tia Wallner I love Halloween because it happens to occur during my favorite season, fall. I also love dressing up my family in costumes, visiting family members, and trick-or-treating! 
August 24 at 11:44am

Jeanette Jackson I love Halloween because I love Horror and I'm not out of place around Halloween.
August 24 at 9:09pm

Tina Jennings Seagraves I love Halloween because it's scary and it's a time to be someone different.. you can dress and look how ever you want and not be judged !
August 23 at 3:06pm

Anna Thomas The smell in the air. The feeling you get when you know Halloween is coming. Finding that perfect costume for my kids! It's a time to let my children's imaginations fly! They can be whoever they want to be. Brings out my inner child!
August 24 at 10:45am

JR Reed Halloween rocks as it allows us all to get funky, freaky and frolic. My daughter loves to trick-or-treat and the Mrs. and I love to people watch... and the plethora of candy is purty enjoyable too. Bring on Halloween!!!
August 24 at 1:35pm

Jacqueline Fiore One thing I LOVE about Halloween is dressing up my 2 dogs in matching costumes from your website and seeing the trick-or-treaters laughing and so excited to see them! The dog costumes are soooo cute and funny! 
August 24 at 10:11am

Jessica L James First it's for the kids then it's fun for you, I love Halloween!!
August 24 at 7:59am

Holly Jacker Halloween, Comic con and Mardi Gras is right around the corner, Yhats why I love Costumes4less.com
August 24 at 6:10am

Cindi Gast I love Halloween because it justifies me having a costume cottage full of disguises, wigs and cool stuff to transform myself and my friends into anything or one we want to be! And there is no gift giving at Halloween!!!
August 24 at 3:38am

Crystal Holder i love halloween because its the one holiday that celebrates all the odd stuff i love year round lol
August 24 at 1:37am

Barbara Oehring Hash I love Halloween because I can cut loose and be someone I can't any other time. Besides, I love shocking the Hell out of people!
August 23 at 6:28pm

Amy Cassidy Halloween is so fun! It's like being a kid again!
August 23 at 2:51pm

Allison G. Lorenzo I love Halloween because I get to dress up like a witch.
August 23 at 7:35pm

Cristina D Ferro I love Halloween because it's the best time of year where you can be ANYTHING you want without judgement and can explore your wildest fantasies with costumes! I LOVE dressing up and it will never get old! Time of carving pumpkins and candy, but also time to honor the loved ones that have passed on...
August 25 at 12:10pm

Bobbi Tyler Thomas I love this! I can't wait for Halloween. I love the costumes, parties, trick-or-treating, spooky food and creepy fun!!
August 25 at 8:37am

Shon Thebeau Engleman I love halloween because you great to be creative, silly, scary ... reall y just whatever you want to be
August 25 at 6:45am

Dede Taylor I love Halloween bc I can have fun and go crazy and know that somewhere out there someone is being even crazier than I am!
August 24 at 5:54pm

Brett Upthagrove Love Halloween and would love to see Jessi Baxter in this costume!
August 24 at 3:11pm

Ruth Fink-Winter I love Halloween because once a year I have an excuse to wear something like this in a public venue. And for The Rocky Horror Picture Showfans, it's like Christmas!
August 24 at 11:19am

Adrienne Soule Hi Costumes4less.com - I got an email to enter a contest saying what I loved about Halloween- but the link just brings me to this main page, and no Contest is showing under your button above?? If I'm just supposed to randomly comment...I love Halloween because it takes me back to a time when my Dad and I would make costumes together. He was a theater person and believed in living out your fantasies. They didn't have stores like yours back then! So when I put together a costume from your store now, using different parts from different costumes, it's reminding me of him, and how much I miss him!
August 23 at 3:42pm

Kay Deckard I love Halloween because I enjoy greeting the children and handing out candy. The children in our neighborhood are so sweet and polite as they appear on our doorstep dressed as their favorite character.
August 25 at 12:40pm

Debbie Sweeney I love Halloween for the ability to be someone else for the day limited only by one's imagination and all the available candy isn't too shabby, either!
August 25 at 12:22pm

MrsTg Smith I love Halloween because my Son loves Halloween I love to see his face when it is time to put on that costume!!! I love it when his Dad say "time to carve the pumpkin" it's just a fun day!!!
August 25 at 11:58am

Debbie Roberts Clark I love halloween because its a way of showing off your personality and it only happens once a year so i try to have as much fun with as one can
August 25 at 11:18am

Lisa Gustafson Hansen I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! love to get a little scared, the crunch of leaves and pumpkins!!
August 25 at 8:44am

Aimless One Everybody loves Halloween! It's the only time of year we all get to act like little kids.
August 25 at 8:36am

Sue Jicha Robinson I love Halloween because it is so festive and lets people be creative and be someone else, even if it is only for a day.
August 25 at 7:51am

Dyane Kirkland I love Halloween because it encourages others to enjoy costuming - and some of them enjoy it so much they join the year-round cosplay community!
August 25 at 6:47am

Nicholl Rae Moist I love Halloween because it is fun to be scared
August 25 at 6:47am

John Ritter I love halloween because of the fun of the holiday and the time of year!
August 25 at 5:02am

Davide Lorenzoni i love halloween because you can take great shots
August 25 at 2:34am

Lori Brown I love Halloween because it is the time of year where you can have fun, be someone, or something else for a day, and my kids absolutely love it!
August 24 at 9:57pm

Cathy Chandler I love Halloween because it's the one time a year when you can dress up and act like a kid all while your kids are doing the same thing. Plus I love all the excitement of finding my kids their perfect costume. And the kids getting all excited about all the candy they got and what's their favorite.
August 24 at 8:59pm

Ash Liddle I love Halloween because it's when I can be myself, and no one judges me for it.
August 24 at 8:14pm

Samantha Michele Are you kidding, a FREE COSTUME? Yeah baby! Ok - so Halloween is my very favorite holiday. If I have to explain...LOL. This is the one time when you can get away with wearing stuff you probably haven't been allowed to wear since you were 5. Purple dreads? Sure! Get crazy! Also, this is the time when Merci has her Halloween party, and zombies, reindeer, and Obe Juan Kenobi all dance together. And there was that time, well... nevermind. LOVE HALLOWEEN. I used to paint the windows of my hearse with a skeleton with a serving tray (Waitress from Hell). Yep. And, of course, I love your costumes - oh, hold on, there's something on my nose. Ok, got it. If I ever won the lottery, I'd have a different costume for every day of Halloween week. But I'd be happy with JUST ONE free one, too Only 2 months to go! I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE READING THESE!
August 24 at 7:54pm

LaRue Hoffman Halloween is my favorit because you can be anything you want to be.
August 24 at 7:23pm

LadyBlu Blues Halloween is all about dressing up, creating and recreating moments with family and friends. It's always breathtaking to see people in their best costumes just having a ball. That's why I love Halloween and that's why I celebrate it every year 
August 24 at 7:22pm

Sandy Reddish I like Halloween because there are many good memories and more to make.
August 24 at 6:45pm

Chris Bond As most of my friends and family already know, I am a self admitted “Halloween addict”. It is truly my favorite holiday, even though it isn’t considered a legitimate “holiday”. But why do so many enjoy it and embrace it as they do? Is it the fact that one night a year we (adults) can dress as we wish and become someone else, maybe something we always longed to be? Sure the kids enjoy it because they can dress as their favorite cartoon characters and get tons of free candy. But for me it is the fright of it all. I love being scared and I love scaring others. You know that excited feeling right after someone spooks you, don’t you? Your adrenaline is pumped, your eyes are wide open, your head is on a swivel – AND you have never felt more alive, right? When I see the parents having to coax their kids to come with them into my yard and ring the doorbell, it makes it all worthwhile. Me jumping out from the carport holding a chainsaw and dressed as Leatherface is just icing on the cake. 
Samhain Lullaby

Black perfection, the harvest moon awaits
The dead leaves fly as I open the gates
Walking backward to where two roads meet
Through Goshen forest, where hemlocks greet

The candle flame, burning true blue
Locked in the darkness, I’m waiting for you
Icy fingers and gurgling groans
Hollow laughter and rattling bones

With eyes of fire and lips of coal
I’ll swallow your fear and eat your soul
Glorious screams and howls of delight
Crying in sorrow because you know not the night

Like the ancient days of my rebirth
Again I haunt the shadows of this earth
No restraint, until it be light
Let terror, then, be turned to delight

Copyright by Commander Bond MMX
August 24 at 6:09pm

Chris Bond So did I win??? Lol - Love the store guys. You have the best prices and shipping costs are "hands down" lower than the competition. ~ Check out my page
August 25 at 7:02pm

Lori E Nelson Fischer It's Halloween! It's Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't be seen
On any other night.

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.

In masks and gowns
We haunt the street
And knock on doors
For trick or treat.

Tonight we are
The king and queen,
For oh tonight
It's Halloween!
Poem by Jack Prelutsky
August 24 at 5:51pm

Eric Wingo I love Halloween because that is the night 13 yrs. ago my beautiful wife and I said "I DO" the greatest night of my life!!!!!
August 24 at 5:29pm

Laura Marino Edwards I love Halloween because there is no stress of buying the perfect gift or looking for eggs or having to go anywhere, just having fun dressing up and eating candy!
August 24 at 4:33pm

Steph MommyofTwo I LOVEEEEE Halloween because people can be whatever they want to be and have a fun time. Halloween parties, Costumes, Candy corn, Caramel Apples, Scary movies, CANDY Everywhere! Can you say BEST Holiday EVER!!!
August 24 at 4:25pm

Kelly Tea We adults get to act like kids and no one cares.
August 24 at 4:24pm

Doris Blon its a time for fun and being able to step outside the box
August 24 at 3:58pm

Patricia Drummond Terpeluk Fun time for all especially the kid and all like the treats....
August 24 at 3:18pm

Patricia Oldfather Love haloween..it is just a fun time for adults and kids...love those goodies
August 24 at 3:05pm

Suzette Masters Halloween is my Favorite Holiday because every year I can prove to my hubby that I REALLY REALLY need to keep the 5 plastic bins of costume pieces that are taking up precious space in the garage. Then I WOW him with my awesome creations! Holiday Masters loves Costumes4Less 
August 24 at 2:16pm

Melissa Jacobs I love Halloween because I love having fun with the kiddos!
August 24 at 2:13pm

Ronald Oliver I LOVE Halloween! It's my favorite holiday of the year! Because it allows me to escape into the world of my favorite genres which are horror, sci-fi and fantasy! And I get to be ANY monster or character I want to be, complements of Costumes4less.com's great line of costumes and Halloween masks! And If I had my way...I would like Halloween to be a week long holiday, instead of just one day and night! 
August 24 at 1:11pm

Ashley Marie Summers I love Halloween because it is my dad's birthday, and I love horror and gore and just being able to go crazy with costumes and makeup to become whoever you want to be.
August 24 at 1:06pm

Peppi Le Moko Elder Gives me a chance to dress up as Governor Walker and make him even scarier than he is in real life!
August 24 at 12:23pm

Sarah Lou Grahamcracker I absofrigginlutely love Halloween because it's the one night of the year you get to let your freak flag fly and be anyone and anything you want to be! (Unless you're like me and live in New Orleans where Halloween can happen at any time!)
August 24 at 12:17pm

Katie FitzGerald I love Halloween because I get to help my child dress up and pretend to be whatever he wants to be! It's so much fun to see his imagination at play.
August 24 at 12:13pm

Michelle Martin I love halloween because it give you a chance to break from reality and become anything you wish to be.
August 24 at 12:10pm

Ruth E. Caves Halloween is like being in a show, (pretending any of your wildest fantasies), but you didn't have to win a audition! A time to let down your inhibitions and celebrate what could be. Gotta love Halloween!
August 24 at 11:55am

Christine Nolan Jackson I love Halloween because my family know how to celebrate it in style thanks to the costumes for less
August 24 at 11:41am

Jennifer Stergar I love Halloween because... well, what isn't to love? Candy, parties, and of course, the costumes! You can be whoever and whatever you want for a day, no matter how crazy or ridiculous, and that's amazing!
August 24 at 11:13am

Mychael Wells Watching my kids faces light up at the big bags of candy and enjoying Halloween as much as I did as a kid.
August 24 at 11:05am

Alida Blanchette The weather, and sharing and being silly with my grandkids! Precious memories made!
August 24 at 10:57am

Anna Thomas The smell in the air. The feeling you get when you know Halloween is coming. Finding that perfect costume for my kids! It's a time to let my children's imaginations fly! They can be whoever they want to be. Brings out my inner child!
August 24 at 10:43am

Bonnie Sue-ellen Bolling It's nice to dress up with the kids and just have fun!
August 24 at 10:25am

Blayre Nicholle Popoff I love candy and dressing up.
August 24 at 10:22am

Nicole Moore My husband's favorite holiday is Halloween. But it's definitely fun dressing up, especially now that we've got a 8 month old this year. The next few years will be fun 
August 24 at 10:16am

Susan Chapman Halloween is my favorite, who doesn't love a chance to dress up and be whoever or whatever you want no matter what your age
August 24 at 9:57am

Ryoko Blackmer nice! we can use their costume for other occasions - theme parties etc throughout the year! Thanks.
August 24 at 7:23am

Nica Donnella October/Fall/Halloween is my favorite part of the year. I love the smell of leaves,acorns and to watch children dress up in their favorite costumes. I also enjoy dressing in my favorite costume for Halloween and Harvest Festival, it tells a lot about your personality! If you find your partner dressed like you what a wonderful day of celebration that will be!
August 24 at 5:22am

Muriel Millious I love halloween as you can have a part,y.masquerade , give candy out to kids, You can dress up with no condemnation for doing it. People hardly ever dress up any more.
August 24 at 4:57am

Lisa Dicarlo-Lawrence I love Halloween just because. You get to dress up; no judgement. And free CANDY! HELLO...FREE CANDY. I also enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes. They come to the door and some scream "Happy Halloween". Others whisper it and some just stand there lol.
August 24 at 4:22am

Tsunami Sioux Oxford I love Halloween for several reasons. Because I am very creative and I have a lot of fun experimenting with stage makeup. Because Autumn is my favorite time of year. Because I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and much of Stephen King's work, and I am a fan of Edgar Allen Poe. Because the month of October is the time of year when I can be completely myself in all my weirdness and not be judged too much by people around me. Halloween is simply amazing.
August 24 at 4:16am

Paul Quaglia I love Halloween because it allows you to be anything in the world for one day a year!
August 24 at 2:07am

Cathy Spiridonos I love Halloween because I love to dress up.
August 24 at 1:32am

Kim Scott I love Halloween because Halloween brings out the kid in all of us...so much fun!
August 23 at 9:48pm

Lindsay Johns I love Halloween for the fun of dressing up, the fall weather & the decorations.
August 23 at 8:43pm

Laura Sidsworth Halloween has always been my favorite! The new chill in the air, the drama and pretend...it's spooky, and fun!
August 23 at 8:36pm

Sophie McKerrow I love Halloween because it allows you to express your creativity.
August 23 at 8:34pm

Heather Kuckelmann I love Halloween because it's a day about having fun, no matter your age.
August 23 at 8:27pm

Kirstin Bug Wiskow I love Halloween because of all the spooky home decor that I get to use year round, and it's really fun to get dressed up in costumes with your friends. Also I got married on Halloween and this Halloween will mark our first wedding anniversary!
August 23 at 8:26pm

Sarah Jerousek I love Halloween because I can dress up and be anything I want for a day!!!
August 23 at 7:42pm

Melissa Brusacoram i love halloween cause i like all the fun and funky costumes, and sorting through my kids candy for the good stuff lol
August 23 at 7:08pm

Ginger Vermaes I love all things Halloween. Dressing up, baking gory foods for work potlucks and all the great looking props and Eerie sounds.
August 23 at 6:59pm

Dee Winter I love Halloween because I get to dress with my kids and be anyone, or anything, that I want to be.
August 23 at 6:56pm

Tracy Condie Who doesn't like dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else at least once a year, good clean fun and its all ages, all types!
August 23 at 6:49pm

Kimmi Monteiro I love Halloween for many reasons, one being that it is my birthday. The thing that I truly love about Halloween is that it is the one day of the year where everyone can be whoever they want to be and not be judged for it. One day in the entire year where a person can escape their real life drama and just be free live life in a fun way.
August 23 at 6:37pm

Pauline Milner Pike Halloween has always been one of my favorite times. I have always liked that for one day a year you can be anyone you want! Your favorite super hero, actor, creature, heck, you can even be your next door neighbor, if that is what floats your boat! I love choosing someone new to be each year and Costumes 4 Less is a great place to shop for my alter ego! Thanks!
August 23 at 5:59pm

Priscilla Marie Martinez I really love Halloween because when I was a kid I never got to go out or dress up for Halloween because of our Religion, so I love to go all out, but living where I live is hard, because it is so rural.
August 23 at 5:51pm

Vicki Bzdula I love halloween because its one of my favorite holidays to decorate for and Iove to dress up. This year is even more awesome for me and halloween because I will have a 10 month old daughter to dress up!
August 23 at 5:50pm

Radonna Lawrence I love Halloween because it's fun and gives me an excuse to dress up!!!!
August 23 at 5:24pm

Angela Maines I love Halloween because dressing up is fun and it's so exciting to see what other people dress up as when you're trick-or-treating.
August 23 at 5:16pm

Robbie Steinhauer Had the sweetest Raggety Ann ever!
August 23 at 5:10pm

Nancy Kays Tschikof Halloween is my favorite holiday.... I was always planning my costume in May it had to be just right... I decorate with lights a grave yard the whole nine yards, scary music. What's not to love about Halloween..... Just plain FUN be a kid again!!!!!
August 23 at 4:42pm

Ophelia Necro Halloween is our wedding anniversary. We love all things Halloween!
August 23 at 4:36pm

Lisa Fink I love Halloween beause it is spooky!
August 23 at 4:27pm

Tina Demarco I love Halloween cuz its the day you can be anything you want!
August 23 at 3:43pm

MsMetal Mesh I love Halloween because you are free to be what you have always dreamed you could be! Be seen in a brand new light! Delight your lover or friends and family! When you change your costume,you change your life!
August 23 at 3:40pm

Candy Zirngible We bought disco costumes from Costumes4less, and one third place!
August 23 at 3:37pm

Angela Amenta I love Halloween because I get to dress anyway I want!! And it's a big party here in HawaII!
August 23 at 3:31pm

Jill A Gardner I love Hallowe'en cuz of all the traditions my kids and I have started. Lots of great memories!
August 23 at 3:17pm

John Foley I love Halloween because it's the one day of the year when I can act myself without everyone thinking there is something wrong with me!
August 23 at 3:08pm

Janet Cripe I love everything abouit Halloween!!! Bonus I get a day off!!
August 23 at 2:47pm

Marc Sirois I love Halloween because its the only time I be my other personality without looking like I'm crazy......even though I am!! 
August 23 at 2:38pm

Krista Leicht I love Halloween because I get to be a kid again!
August 23 at 2:10pm

Melissa Moreno I love Halloween because it's the one time of year that you can be whoever you want!!! No matter how outrageous!
August 23 at 1:45pm

Heidi InPhilly I like Halloween because I get to dress up my pups in all sorts of fun costumes! 
August 23 at 1:30pm

Traci Belanger I love Halloween because it's my time to pay tribute to those characters (film/tv/comics) who've made my life so enjoyable during the year!
August 23 at 1:12pm

Amanda Daniels Hardesty Halloween is the perfect holiday. You get to be any number of crazy things, have a blast with other like minded people and the kids get a bunch of candy too. Plus there are horror movies, haunted houses and scary stuff galore!!
August 23 at 12:02pm

Jami Strickland Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the decorations and the costumes and of course trick or treating with the kids 
August 23 at 12:00pm

Marilyn Smitley Halloween is the one time a year you can be anything you want. no matter how crazy it is. and the candy doesn't hurt either. ^.^
August 23 at 11:33am

Damian Benardout I prefer Halloween to Christmas. Its my Favourite time of the year. This is because every year I host a huge party where all my friends and family come together. To have that is just magic.
August 23 at 11:27am

Danielle Williams I love Halloween! You can dress as something you are not and get out of your shell!!! Plus there is Candy 
August 23 at 11:23am

Leslie Harris I will take her entry, I love halloween I decorate all year around with halloween motif, Any and all halloween is AWESOME!
August 26 at 12:48am

Eurisha Brauhn I love Halloween because I have a friend that throws the BEST halloween party every year! I look forward to all the great couples costumes!
August 25 at 8:48pm

Carmen Sosa I love Halloween because it is COSTUME time! My husband and I are looking foreword to wear a new outfit and to be dressed up for the coming event. I love the decorations, the pumpking carvings, the candy, the childre's trick or treating, the change of weather but over all the COSTUMES!
August 25 at 6:44pm

Terra Lynn Why I love Halloween? After so many years of myself when I was a child have I loved dressing up in a costume to see what others have chosen. Having two toddlers now, i want them to enjoy Halloween as much as I have over the years.
August 23 at 5:09pm

Coco Cabrel Why I love Halloween: Because everyone comes out to enjoy each other's company -- no judgements, no disappointments... just pure delight.
August 23 at 5:06pm

Gary Young Why do I love Halloween? Halloween is the one day of the year that you can be whatever you want to be and have a good time, and no one cares. Halloween is a totally stress free holiday and is all about fun and enjoying yourself, what more could you ask for?
August 23 at 4:51pm

Martinez Manuel love Halloween because is reminds me of my childhood and I get to chance to relive it!
August 25 at 6:50am

Cynthia Tanzi I love Halloween because you get to dress up and be someone else.
August 25 at 3:49am

Renee Daley I LOVE Halloween cause you can be anyone or anything you want - I like the surprise especially when people don't know who you are - it's fun seeing their reactions 
August 24 at 2:23pm

Tami Hale I love Halloween because it is time you can be anyone you want and the fall in the air is awesome. Also the smells are great!
August 25 at 6:42am

Amy Bolda Pugmire I love halloween cause Its the time of year the leaves change and the weather cools down. I love the fun decorations and dressing my kids up and of course they love all the free candy!
August 23 at 10:51pm

Shobha Hingorani I love Holloween because I love to see lil kids, specially my grandson in a cute costume!!
August 26 at 7:09pm

Anita Pardasani I love Halloween because it's my chance to act crazy, wear wigs, and eat candy!!
August 26 at 6:21pm

Dorrie Turner It's my Daughter and my favorite time of year together. We enjoy baking spooky things, finding cool things to hand out to trick or treaters, decorating, and of course being imaginative with the costumes! I just love sharing a favorite holiday with my Daughter and the neighborhood.
August 27 at 8:57am

Kristen Renton We love Halloween because we love to decorate the house! We have a ton of spiders this year, and severed heads. You can never have enough severed heads!
August 27 at 7:30am

Mackenzie Evans I love Halloween because I don't have to be a mom or a wife or a cheer coach. I can be a wicked queen or a witch or even the devil. It's just so tiring being Superwoman everyday;-)
August 26 at 9:28pm

Tony Patterson I happen to be covered in scars all over and I love Halloween because it is the one day of the year when none of them matter (plus I like candy and horror movies).
August 26 at 9:00pm

Kirstin Bug Wiskow I love Halloween because of all the spooky home decor that I get to use year round, and it's really fun to get dressed up in costumes with your friends. Also I got married on Halloween and this Halloween will mark our first wedding anniversary!
August 26 at 7:33pm

Adrienne Soule that's awesome- I so wanted to do a Hallow wedding, but we didn't make it past Sept 
August 27 at 5:42am

Rhonda Heikkinen Halloween is a time where me and my children and my siblings can be whoever we want to be. A fairy princess, a ninja warrior, an evil sorcerer. We all dress up and make a big deal out of it.
August 27 at 5:42am

Tracy M Bonner Merry meet, I am a practicing Pagan so "Halloween" has a big significance to me in my life. This is my favorite sabbat of the year. Here is why: Samhain, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means "End of Summer", and is the third and final Harvest. The dark winter half of the year commences on this Sabbat. Samhain is now generally considered the Witch's New Year
Originally the "Feast of the Dead" was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the "wandering dead". Today a lot of practitioners still carry out that tradition. Single candles were lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of ancestors and loved ones home. Extra chairs were set to the table and around the hearth for the unseen guest. Apples were buried along roadsides and paths for spirits who were lost or had no descendants to provide for them. Turnips were hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits, for this was a night of magic and chaos. The Wee Folke became very active, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans. Traveling after dark was not advised. People dressed in white (like ghosts), wore disguises made of straw, or dressed as the opposite gender in order to fool the Nature spirits. 

This was the time that the cattle and other livestock were slaughtered for eating in the ensuing winter months. Any crops still in the field on Samhain were considered taboo, and left as offerings to the Nature spirits. Bonfires were built, (originally called bone-fires, for after feasting, the bones were thrown in the fire as offerings for healthy and plentiful livestock in the New Year) and stones were marked with peoples names. Then they were thrown into the fire, to be retrieved in the morning. The condition of the retrieved stone foretold of that person's fortune in the coming year. Hearth fires were also lit from the village bonfire to ensure unity, and the ashes were spread over the harvested fields to protect and bless the land. 

It is generally celebrated on October 31st, but some traditions prefer November 1st. It is one of the two "spirit-nights" each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort. 

I love this day of the year..
August 27 at 8:42am

Chad Smith I love Halloween because I get to do my home haunt!
August 27 at 11:42am

Chelsi Johnston Halloween is the best bc I can dress like the princess I am inside! 
August 29 at 12:13pm

Phil Wells Halloween- the time of year you can be anyone (or most any "thing" ) you please. My wife is Chinese. They do not have Halloween. She took to Halloween like a duck to water- she loves it! Who/what you become is limited only by your imagination. You get to escape "ordinary you", for the day. When giving out treats to the kids- you show your neighbors "I can be trusted, I am not a threat to your children. We are neighbors. Let's get along." What's not to like?
August 29 at 9:02am

Mandiee Lynn Halloween has always been different in the rocky mountains. Snow is always falling on halloween. So making your costume fit the weather has been a favorite of mine since growing up in Colorado 
August 29 at 8:38am

Jennifer Brown I love Halloween bc it's so much fun to decorate and help my daughter get dressed up. I love seeing all the different costumes, and going to haunted houses too!
August 29 at 6:44am

Cathy Millhouse Jarvis Cause u can be who ever u want to be
August 29 at 6:01am

Tammy Neuharth I LOVE Halloween because you can dress up and be whatever you want to. We always get together and rent a party bus and just have a blast!! Costumes4less.com has everything you need for a SPOOKTAKULAR evening!!! Thank you!!
August 29 at 4:17am

Theresa Logan I like Halloween because it's fun to dress up and act like a kid for the day. And, you can be anything your heart desires! 
August 29 at 2:00am

Alyssa Zagorski love halloween because the costume parties and the candy 
August 29 at 12:44am

Juditha Smith Best time of the year. Cooler weather and all things pumpkin.
August 29 at 12:42am

Vanessa Lynn Lilienthal its my daugher and the fact that we got married on halloween
August 29 at 12:22am

Telisha Ovard Hayes I love that the kids have a chance to dress up as whatever they want.
August 28 at 6:19am

Chris Bond As most of my friends and family already know, I am a self admitted “Halloween addict”. It is truly my favorite holiday, even though it isn’t considered a legitimate “holiday”. But why do so many enjoy it and embrace it as they do? Is it the fact that one night a year we (adults) can dress as we wish and become someone else, maybe something we always longed to be? Sure the kids enjoy it because they can dress as their favorite cartoon characters and get tons of free candy. But for me it is the fright of it all. I love being scared and I love scaring others. You know that excited feeling right after someone spooks you, don’t you? Your adrenaline is pumped, your eyes are wide open, your head is on a swivel – AND you have never felt more alive, right? When I see the parents having to coax their kids to come with them into my yard and ring the doorbell, it makes it all worthwhile. Me jumping out from the carport, holding a chainsaw and dressed as Leatherface is just icing on the cake. 
Samhain Lullaby

Black perfection, the harvest moon awaits
The dead leaves fly as I open the gates
Walking backward to where two roads meet
Through Goshen forest, where hemlocks greet

The candle flame, burning true blue
Locked in the darkness, I’m waiting for you
Icy fingers and gurgling groans
Hollow laughter and rattling bones

With eyes of fire and lips of coal
I’ll swallow your fear and eat your soul
Glorious screams and howls of delight
Crying in sorrow because you know not the night

Like the ancient days of my rebirth
Again I haunt the shadows of this earth
No restraint, until it be light
Let terror, then, be turned into delight

Copyright by Commander Bond MMX
August 27 at 8:09pm

Cindy Valiket Pearce I love to dress up, you can be anything for one night! The candy and horror movies are awesome too.
August 27 at 7:04pm

Debbie Sweeney Candy candy everywhere and not too much to eat!
August 27 at 6:53pm

Katie Lafferty Tonsoline Love dressing up and thinking about costumes for my 3 kids!
August 27 at 2:17pm

Carmen Jo Rodriguez I'm always helping everyone get dressed for Halloween making costumes fixing old costume's Halloween brings out my very creative side and its for friends and family to get together and have fun..
August 27 at 1:47pm

Lisa Gustafson Hansen love the cooler temps and the CANDY!!
August 27 at 1:35pm

Teresa Egan The spooky decorations and the crisp Fall smell!
August 27 at 12:43pm

Kelly Houser-Comerford Roasting pumpkin seeds
August 27 at 9:45am

Ashley Lehauli I love Halloween because there is nothing more special to me as a parent than watching my child "become" their wildest dreams...princess...superhero...fireman.... ...and because I get to eat my lil one's profits once bedtime rolls around 
August 27 at 7:55am

Jessica Lagana I love dressing up!
August 27 at 7:26am

Isabella Rose Its my birthday and everyone gets to celebrate what's not to love. Plus you guys have the best costumes
August 27 at 7:17am

Danielle Williams I love Halloween because you can be anyone/thing you want to be without reservations....plus the candy helps 
August 27 at 7:01am

Chris Dougherty because it's such a fun holiday. its near my son's birthday and we always have a Halloween themed bday
August 27 at 6:59am

Tiffany Valenta I love the Costumes4less website because not only do I get awesome deals, BUT I also find items that I've never seen anywhere else! Great selection, even better prices!
August 27 at 6:57am

Sabrina Loizides-Merideth I love Halloween because I like pretending to be something I'm not for a day or so. I love making costumes and the smell of pumpkin in the air!
August 27 at 6:23am

Suzan Baback I like Halloween because my kids get so excited picking out costumes and running door to door in the neighborhood. To be a kid again.
August 27 at 5:56am

Jami Strickland I like Halloween because I enjoy dressing up my little guy and taking him trick or treating! Great family memories!!!
August 27 at 4:53am

Lisa Dicarlo-Lawrence Because Halloween is awesome! You get to dress up and there is free candy and fun parties to be had. Again FREE CANDY!!!!!!
August 27 at 4:32am

Juliane Sanches Miguel Carvalho Halloween is about dream and let your inner child appears to the world again
August 27 at 3:16am

Blayre Nicholle Popoff I love the candy and the carved pumpkins.
August 26 at 11:31pm

A Jrod Braddy Halloween is the only day I can be my modern day joker by day and rather awesome iconic super hero by night and still keep my dead end job
August 26 at 11:00pm

Jeannine Drenchek-Scavo I love seeing kids imaginations take flight with costumes and the creavity in them
August 26 at 8:21pm

Dick Craig I get to be Lord Vader for Halloween
August 26 at 8:17pm

Jaimee Holland-Knapp I love halloween cuz I love seeing what costumes the little kids choose to be
August 26 at 8:04pm

Jessica Sweitzer I love Halloween, because it means apple cider and everything pumpkin! And decorating pumpkins with my husband and daughter and creating costumes. She was Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph last year and we went all out. It was so much fun!
August 26 at 8:01pm

Melissa Brusacoram I love halloween because I love seeing all the fun and funky costumes and "sorting" through my kids candy
August 26 at 7:14pm

Emma Leffler Halloween is the one night of the year where you can transform into any character, being or thing you want become. Celebrating the ability to fear and discovering our inner courage unites us to binge on candy and screams once a year.
August 26 at 7:07pm

Holly Castillo I love Halloween because it's the beginning of the end of the year, and for one day, you can be whoever you want to be!
August 26 at 6:30pm

Jess Koch McCoy It's a spooky time of year. Everyone is afraid of the unknown. Sit around a camp fire telling stories or watch a scary movie with your s\o. It's a holiday for kids and adults to love.I love all of the creative recipes. You can use it for Fall and\or Halloween. The decorations are endless!!!!! It's not a holiday you celebrate for one day, you can celebrate it to for a couple days.
August 29 at 11:30pm

Courtney Wagner I love Halloween because it's the only time I can get away with letting my freak flag fly! YAY! Halloween! 
August 29 at 2:05am

Adrienne Soule I love reading other people's reasons Mine is reconnecting with the memories of my Dad. We made costumes together and there was never any discussion of giving it up "because you're grown up". Ha. I love to put together different costumes from pieces from sets!
August 27 at 5:41am

Lindsay Lupher I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! Not only do I get to scare my sister-in-law for fun (she and I have a blast with it) the whole month of October but I also get to dress up and have fun being someone else. I can show off my inner child with a twist or my favorite character that no one sees anymore. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. 
August 26 at 8:05pm


Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for the 'Festival of Spirits' for Men,Women & Children

Seems crazy to think of walking on the streets in the weirdest outfits you can dare to think of. But that's just what Halloween is all about. It is the day when America (and even other parts of the world) gets crazy, gets wild. Halloween is a time when fantasies and imaginations take the center stage; there is no room for reality. People all over the world on this day dress up in all sorts of funny, scary and some even gory halloween costumes. It has in fact become the festival of weird costumes so much so that 'Halloween costumes' has now become the most favorite term for any costume seller.

Halloween Festival - What it is about?

It is believed that on Halloween the spirits wandering around no where, come down to the earth on this particular day, in search of human bodies to possess. People dress up with halloween costumes as ghosts, ghouls and witches to scare away these evil spirits from taking hold of them. Though, today it may seem crazy, people continue to dress up such on Halloween and wander around the streets at night for fun.

Halloween Festival - What is Special in it?

On a typical Halloween's night, one can see on the street people dressed up with Halloween costumes as ghosts, devils, gory skeletons, witches and what no; beautiful faces are covered by ugly looking scary Halloween masks. They decorate themselves in the weirdest possible ways using black, gray, bright oranges and red color Halloween makeup. Some even wear strange looking body parts made of latex rubber. People walk around with objects such as scythes, sticks, skull props and animals made of plastic, foam or rubber. Even the homes are decorated in typical Halloween styles; scary pictures on the walls, broken furniture. The lights are put out and the legendary 'jack-o-lantern' is lit in a pumpkin carved out like a man's face. But in the recent times, the crudeness has softened with more creative ways of celebrating the festival. People dress up in many innovative and funny Halloween costumes like the clown, or comic character. Infants and toddlers are dressed up as cute little buntings.

Halloween Costumes for the festival - Where can You get them?

Halloween has become so largely popular that many online stores exclusively sell Halloween costumes, masks, make up, accessories and props. People also make their own Halloween costumes at home to get creative and come up with different things. Many competitions are held during Halloween for kids; creative costumes, pumpkin-carving, make up competitions are the most popular among them. Every year people wait for Halloween with much enthusiasm and fervor. Throughout the year discussions about the past Halloween and ideas for the new one is plotted.

Here are thousands of Halloween Costume Ideas for your next fun filled Halloween

Halloween Costume Buying Guide

Read more about Halloween Costumes here at our blog.